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Nippon Paint Durafresh Xpert- High Performance exterior emulsion paint is a specially formulated high performance exterior emulsion paint with heat ban technology and silicon ideally suited for tropical weather conditions. It imparts a rich sheen finish and provides better anchoring and water repellency. It has anti-algal and dirt pick resistance to keep your walls fresh for a longer time.

Durafresh Xpert Product Features

 Features Action Benefit
Durafresh-1 Dirt pick up resistant It doesn’t allow dirt/dust to settle on walls The exteriors look new and beautiful for years.
icon Heat Ban technology The innovative Heat Ban technology reflects back 90 % of the sunrays which reduces surface temperature by up to 5°C. This makes the interior cooler, thus helping to save energy used for air conditioning.
Durafresh-3 Water Repellent Prevents water to enter the walls hence forbidding algal or fungal growth Beautiful looking exteriors for a long time
Dr-Bond-2 Ultra Low VOC It does not emit air polluting harmful vapours and paint odour that pollutes our environment. Environment friendly and healthy paint

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