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If you’re looking to add some extra colour to your career, you’re in the right place! Join us to help people beautify and protect their homes, while caring for the environment and working alongside the best in the industry for a company that is the Asian leader in its field. So what are you waiting for?

HR Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around the company’s vision and mission. Our HR Philosophy is firmly grounded in the belief that we must treat all our people uniformly, objectively and without discrimination. Our beliefs are fundamental to our policies. They are the basic principles on which our business ethos is founded and will guide all our businesses, present and future. In order to ensure that our policies do not violate our philosophy, we must be able to answer questions like

  • Do they provide equal opportunities to all employees?
  • Are they non-discriminatory and capable of implementation across the Group without fear or favour?
  • Is our treatment of employees uniform, fair and objective?
  • Is there a method of objective evaluation of the performance of our employees?
  • Do we have a system to provide a dignified exit routine for employees?

Our philosophy is clearly seen in the way we do things

  • Uniform, fair, impartial and transparent policies – These ensure that the rules and patterns are the same for all employees, with no hidden perquisites
  • We identify the value of employees using a variety of measures and develop them to reach their maximum potential
  • Equal opportunities to employees to learn, develop and grow professionally
  • Build an appropriate organizational climate and culture for the growth and development of the employees, thereby encouraging organizational citizenship
  • Develop relationships that celebrate diverse ideas, perspectives and cultures
  • Reward and recognition for special achievements
  • An effective work environment is vital to the success of an organization – so we create a positive, productive and successful work environment
  • Facilitate healthy work-life balance

In a nutshell, the rationale of our philosophy attempts to

  • Promote trust in the Company and not make employment a mere contract
  • Provide support to facilitate performance and help employees from achieving their potential
  • Facilitate management without impeding efficiency

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