About Us

Nippon Paint is based in Japan and has over 136 years of experience in the paint industry. The number one paint manufacturer in Asia, and among the leading paint manufacturers of the world

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Nippon Paint produces high-quality paints and coats for automotive, industrial and decorative sectors. Over the years, Nippon Paint has perfected its products by means of breakthrough paint technology, with an emphasis on innovation and eco-friendliness. We are driven by the philosophy of enhancing life through innovations – to consistently deliver paint solutions that not only serve your needs, but also protect the world we live in. After over ten years in the Indian market, Nippon Paint is steadily becoming a household name. Apart from a range of interior, exterior and enamel finishes, we have many specialty products that showcase its technological prowess.

The Japanese Heritage

Nippon Paint was founded by brothers Haruta and Jujiro Moteki as ‘Komyosha’ in Japan in 1881, and was Japan’s first Paint Manufacturing Company. Headquartered at Osaka, Nippon Paint is ranked Asia’s No. 1 paint company, and growing in popularity in the rest of the world. It is the only paint solutions provider for all kinds of surfaces (Auto, Marine, Protective, Decorative, Industrial Paints)


Vision and Values

Nippon Paint works to expand globally as a specialty chemical company, offering high value-added coatings. Our fundamental commitment is to become a trusted, eco-friendly company that helps protect the environment and save resources and energy.

Management Philosophy

Nippon Paint contributes to the welfare of the society through its business activities – working together for mutual harmonyand the benefit of all.


Nippon Paint’s mission is to provide society with advanced products that increase the quality of life while protecting the environment. Through innovative technology, Nippon Paint benefits its customers and society. We will always be committed to providing exceptional products to our customers and embracing the values that make us an exemplary global corporate citizen


Nippon Paint strives to benefit both its customers and society as a whole by applying innovative technology to all its business endeavours. Our mission is to create advanced products that boost quality of life while protecting the environment. Nippon Paint will always be committed to providing exceptional products that reflect the values which make us an exemplary global corporate citizen.

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Quality Policy

We are committed to providing the best quality products to our customers. We achieve this by using world-class manufacturing practices, by continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, by understanding customer requirements and exceeding customer expectations, by complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, by enhancing work environment through 5S practices and continually upgrading the competency of all our employees through training, by working towards enhancing customer satisfaction and utilizing Total Employee Involvement in achieving quality objectives. Our expertise and products make us one of the most desirable paint manufacturers in India.


Nippon Paint is a founding member of the Indian Green Building Council. Green Building as defined in December 2009, at Chennai, is a building which uses less water, optimises energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.

Nippon Paint is also the recipient of The EMC TÜV SÜD Mark. “TÜV SÜD offers manufacturers the opportunity to demonstrate compliance with EMC requirements with the EMC TÜV SÜD Mark. The EMC TÜV SÜD Mark is a modular certification mark that allows manufacturers to proudly display their certification achievements on one certification mark.”



Nippon Paint is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace to all our employees and contractors, and to ensuring that all our activities contribute to the conservation and enhancement of the environment. To fulfill this, we have implemented an Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Policy.

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By this policy, we strive to comply with India’s Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental legislation and other related regulations and requirements; to promote and implement resource and energy conservation programs and practices to minimize the release of pollutants into our land, air and our waterways; to implement safety programs and measures to ensure the safety of all personnel involved in our activities; to train employees and contractors on the importance of environmental conservation and safe work practices, and their roles in complying with company rules and regulations; to work with our vendors and business partners towards realizing our safety policy; to ensure all accidents, work-related illnesses, diseases or near misses are reported and corrective measures are taken to prevent recurrence and to strive to prevent lost-time injuries or property damages due to accidents and Introduce healthy living programs to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst our employees.

We shall communicate this policy to all our employees and contractors to ensure that they are also committed to these practices. Together, we believe that we can maintain a safe, healthy and beautiful environment for everyone to live and enjoy!